Atomic Kitten



Jenny Frost (2001–2008)
Natasha Hamilton (1999–2008)
Liz McClarnon (1997–2008)
Kerry Katona (1997–2001)
Heidi Range (1997–1999)


* 2000: Right Now
* 2002: Feels So Good
* 2003: Ladies Night

* 2003: Atomic Kitten
* 2004: The Greatest Hits
* 2005: The Collection
* 2006: Access All Areas: Remixed and B-Sides
* 2007: Essential


Atomic Kitten was an English girl group from Liverpool, first established in 1997.

Created by Andy McCluskey, the trio include Natasha Hamilton, Liz McClarnon, and Jenny Frost who replaced Kerry Katona after her departure in 2001.

Atomic Kitten gained a large fan base across Europe, in particular the United Kingdom and German-speaking Europe. Atomic Kitten also managed to gain fanbases in Asia, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and to a lesser extent, Canada and South America.

Atomic Kitten had three UK number one singles; Whole Again, the fourth best selling single by a girl group of all time; Eternal Flame, a song originally recorded by The Bangles, and The Tide Is High (Get the Feeling), a song originally recorded by The Paragons and later by Blondie. They also had two UK number one albums, Right Now, a re-issue of their debut album, and Feels So Good, both going double platinum in the United Kingdom.

Atomic Kitten have sold 10 million records worldwide. These sales come from 6.2 million singles and 4 million albums.

In terms of sales, Atomic Kitten are one of the most successful European girl groups of the twenty first century, alongside the Sugababes.


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