Bruno Mars Risks His Life in 'Grenade' Video

In the video for Bruno Mars song "Grenade," the singer drags a piano through crowded streets and deals with every obstacle imaginable for the one he loves.

The clip, which was released today (Nov. 18), starts with Mars sitting in his room, reflecting on a failed relationship while rain pours in sheets outside. He drags a piano to his lady friend's place, but is confronted by gang members along the way. They try to prevent him from getting to his woman, but to no avail -- Mars will do whatever it takes to see her.

Once he arrives at her house, he finds another man by her side. A heartbroken Mars continues his journey nonetheless, carrying the burden of the past behind him.

Referencing the lyrics, "I'd jump in front of a train for you," the video ends with Mars standing in front of train tracks as a train comes speeding in his direction.

Cheer up, Bruno! We still love you.

"Grenade" is off Mars' recent breakthrough album, "Doo-Wops Hooligans."