Cee Lo Green Becomes a Grandfather

Singer, Cee-lo Green is in full celebration mode after receiving 5 Grammy nominations on Wednesday, however Cee-lo is also celebrating becoming a grandfather for the first time. He revealed that his 20-year-old daughter Sierra recently gave birth to a baby boy. “I’m a grandfather. I’m 35. She had a son so I have a grandson,” he said.

If you can remember, Sierra was on a season 1 episode of MTV’s My Super Sweet 16 as well as the follow-up MTV television series, Exiled. He admitted that the producers bent the rules for Sierra to be on the show. “She was actually turning 15 on that show,” he confessed. “MTV took a liking to her and they allowed her to be an exception for this show.”

Sierra is Cee-lo’s step-daughter from his marriage to Christina Shanta Johnson, the couple divorced in 2005. Together they have a son Kingston and Cee Lo became father to Christina’s daughters Sierra and Kalah.

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